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Welcome to Audio Schemes Ltd

The UK’s premier Home Recording Studio Design and Build Specialists

Audio schemes ltd have been building home studios for over 25 years, offering professional spaces for industry professionals/entry level musicians or home owners who want to work in a real recording studio environment. Our home studios are as close to sonic perfection as possible with extremely high levels of sound isolation to make sure you’re not disturbed or as importantly you don’t disturb your neighbours!

With the advent of remote workflows, the burgeoning home studio market has never been more appealing and a market that is keeping us very busy.

We can build your new home studio in your garden, garagebasement or loft, with unlimited usage 24/7, rent free with no travel or dry hire costs. We can build your home studio with toilets and kitchens to make them fully self-contained, there are no limits to what can be achieved.

The soundproofing is tailored to your needs so if your studio is for mixing you won’t need the levels of isolation, we offer for band practice studios.

If it’s a garden studio you’re interested in, our garden studio builds are a “room in a room” construction which means heavy rain or hail stone won’t have any impact on your Schedule.

We will guide you regarding the levels of isolation you’re going to need to keep what you’re working on private and as importantly keep external noise out, so your mixes are perfect first time.

Contact us to discuss your project.

Site visits in the UK are free with expenses charged anywhere else in Europe.

Thanks again for visiting us and we hope to see you soon.

Nick and the team!

Football club

Our Latest Build

TV studio build for Ipswich Town Football Club.

Our brief : The noise of 29,000 fans on the other side of the wall must not be heard in the studio! It’s up and running and we can proudly state we achieved our goal.

Another happy client!

home studio

Home Studio

Drum and Bass Icon  – Danny Byrd

Design and Build of a home studio for Danny Byrd, drum and bass DJ, record producer and muscian.

“Big thank you to Nick and the team at Audio schemes for my superb home studio.The acoustics are as near 100 per cent flat as possible…and the soundproofing!! My god I can work at 100db at 3am and not disturb anybody! I absolutely love it in here!”

“I feel I now have a room to rival any of the big commercial studios”

Danny Byrd

garage studio

Studio in an Unusual Space

DJ Fresh

“Audio Schemes recently built my new studio. I heard about them from a friend who had them design a set of studios for a difficult space in London and he was blown away with their work. Having experienced a bad room, which I’d tried everything and everybody to remedy (Including some of the most established studio builders in the country) I  know the importance a good room has on your output. If you can’t hear what you’re doing it’s not only impossible, with all the tools in the world, to get a good mix. More importantly it stifles your creativity and makes working with audio frustrating and unenjoyable. The room the guys built sounds FANTASTIC, and Most incredibly being in a former garage much to my surprise I couldn’t hear a pin drop outside or above even with the crazy bass and volume that i work with. The boys were an absolute pleasure to have around and I genuinely miss them being here. Thank you so much Nick, Jordan, Dan and Danny for everything .. I’m sure your hard work will reap benefits for years to come.”

studio build


Stephen Root Vice president, development creative services

“The attention to detail on our studio build was amazing”. “Nick Langley’s acoustic knowledge has been formed from building such a wide variety of studies over so many years”. “He explains everything in real life terms for what you are going to be built without being bamboozled by science”. “It’s what the multi functional control room sounds like that’s the most important, and what Nick and his specialist team built has come from years of experience of what works the best”.

garage studio

Garage studio for the renowned producer/mixing engineer and audio engineer Rob Kiwan

Rob’s client list is impressive to say the least! U2, Depeche Mode, PJ Harvey, Hozier, Editors, Courteeners, the list is endless.

His first project in his new garage studio is the smash hit Daylight by David Kushner which topped the charts all over the world. This really is proof a professional studio can be built anywhere by Audio Schemes Ltd.


Wolverhampton University

A multi media centre for Wolverhampton University. Audio Schemes designed and built the new media centre, which includes a radio studio/foley studio/control room/broadcast studio and recording studio.

garage studio london

Garden Studio - Barnet, London

Garden studio in Barnet, London for a mixing engineer/producer.

barn music studio

Barn Music Studio - Lancashire

Design and build of a live music studio for a rock band.

garden demo studio

Audio Schemes Demo Studio - Cheshire

Built to showcase the quality of our soundproofing and internal acoustics. Book a visit to view!.

garden studio london

Garden Studio - London

Garden studio build in South London, 5.1.4 ATMOS studio for a sound designer, speaker alignment by Chris Allen, room sonics.

Kord media studio

ATMOS Studio - Kord Media

Kord Media’s fantastic new ATMOS studio in the historic bonded warehouse, Manchester City centre.

garden studio build

Garden Studio for a String Quartet

A large garden studio for a string quartet in London. The outside of the studio had to match the colour of the house for planning consent. This studio also included a toilet and office.

sound studio

Studio Design - Max Brodie

Design and build sound studio for Max Brodie, Sound designer/engineer.

barn studio conversion

Barn Studio conversion - Manchester

Another barn studio conversion in Manchester for a sound designer/composer.

barn studio

Barn Studio - Manchester

Barn studio conversion in Manchester for a record producer/engineer.

TV Studio

Design and Build of a TV Studio

Alaraby TV, Park Royal, London

post production

Post Production Studio - VSI

Design and build Post Production Studio for VSI, London.


CBBC - Dengineers

Great to be involved in the design and build of the CBBC Dengineers garden studio.

stabal studios

Stabal Studios, Royal Epping Forest

This mixing studio for Stabal Studios in Royal Epping Forest was built in a 250 year old listed barn.

Having past experience building studios in listed buildings, our knowledge base enabled us to work around the old timber frame and still deliver a fully isolated studio without compromising the original structure.

pit stop productions

Pit Stop Productions

Post production complex for Pit Stop Productions in Croydon. Includes control rooms/VO booths and a motion capture studio.

garden studio london

A large garden studio, West London

Large garden studio with a VO booth, kitchen and toilet. The front speakers are behind the acoustically transparent audio wall.

Independent Acoustic testing

Out of all the company’s you will have no doubt contacted, how many have independent acoustic test data on the levels of isolation they can actually guarantee? We have a full test report on our garden demonstration studio showing the extremely high levels of sound attenuation we offer if needed. The report is based on a “room in a room“ construction with wall depths of only 300mm!

Click the link below to read the report which makes for interesting reading for those who want to see what really can be achieved.

All our studios are lined internally with acoustic stretch fabric wall linings coming in over 25 different colours. We don’t build garden offices ,we build garden studios which are worlds apart.