Recording Studio Design Company

Audio Schemes is amongst the UK’s leading studio design and build companies.

With an acclaimed team of studio designers, builders, and acousticians, you can be sure your project is in great hands!

recording studio

Recording Studios

This is at the core of what we do. Our audio consultant has years of experience designing and building music studios of all types, shapes, sizes, and within specified budgets.

Employing Audio schemes to undertake your home studio takes away the risk of either a studio leaking noise to the surrounding areas, or if it’s a critical listening space such as mixing, the very real worry of external noise ruining your mix particularly rain fall on the roof which if you’re a professional voice – over artist doing an audio book or a producer on a deadline , it can be very frustrating (and costly)

Our goal is to create spaces that are both functional and creative.

Post Production

We have had the privilege of working on some of the largest Post Production facilities in the country.

Our team can create a unique style that runs throughout the facility and can supply a complete package to suit your needs.

post production
garden studio

Soundproof Garden Studios

Ever dreamed of having your own soundproof garden studio? Somewhere you can play or listen to anything you like, at any volume you like without disturbing the neighbours. Audio Schemes can construct the perfect garden room that delivers the perfect soundproof performance.

A dedicated space in which to make or enjoy music away from the main house, freeing up space in your home and allowing you to make as much noise as required.

Audio Schemes can orchestrate the perfect garden recording studio that performs to the highest standards. We install the best acoustic insulation which is needed to prevent noise leakage, inwards and outwards.

Broadcast Studio Design

Specialising in cabling design and installation, offering bespoke solutions to the broadcast and post production industries.

Specialising in intricately-engineered audio-visual cable looms and generic shielded and unshielded structured cabling installations, custom-designed and built broadcast communication racks and cabinets, and broadcast system integration. Our engineering design and project management departments are geared to design and deliver projects of any size, from simple standalone editing rooms to full facility installations.

broadcast studio
commercial soundproofing

Commercial Soundproofing

As well as soundproofing recording studios, we offer our wealth of knowledge for commercial soundproofing projects. We don’t sell products so are not tied in to any particular supplier and offer customers the chance to get soundproofing installed by a bonafide studio construction company. Your soundproofing project would have the weight of our knowhow behind it, giving it the very best chance to succeed. 

We are sent countless sample products from endless suppliers asking us to use their products with only a handful actually making any significant difference once tested in a real noise situation; at the end of the day soundproofing is only as good as the knowledge behind it.

We are one of only a handful of soundproofing company’s in the country assessed by WHICH? We proudly display their logo as a trusted trader, competent in our particular field.

We have soundproofed for universities, schools, councils, housing associations, the list is endless but the results are always the same, ”dramatic improvement’s” on what clients had before we started and what they have once we have finished. This is why our client list has so many well-known names and organisations, because we offer cost effective proven solutions, which cover all noise problems in all sectors.

A team to be proud of

We owe all of this great work to our staff of 15 who have a variety of different talents. The team includes a mechanical engineer who is responsible for all ventilation and air conditioning work, two joiners who take on the responsibility for fabric installation and a number of dry liners.