Recording Studio Design Company

Audio Schemes is amongst the UK’s leading studio design and build companies.

With an acclaimed team of studio designers, builders, and acousticians, you can be sure your project is in great hands!

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Recording Studios

At the heart of our operations lie our recording studios, where we specialize in designing and constructing spaces that cater to various needs, dimensions, and budgets. By implementing Audio Schemes, we mitigate the risk of sound leakage to surrounding areas, as well as the threat of external noise infiltrating critical listening environments such as mixing studios, which can be exasperating (and expensive) for professionals working on deadlines or high-quality audio projects. Our objective is to engineer studios that offer both functionality and creativity.

Post Production

With a wealth of experience in post-production, we have collaborated with renowned facilities nationwide. Our team prides itself on its ability to create a unique and cohesive style that runs seamlessly through the entire facility. Our offerings are comprehensive and customized to meet your specific needs.

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garden studio

Soundproof Garden Studios

Envision having a private garden studio that’s soundproof and lets you play music without disturbing your neighbors. With Audio Schemes, you can turn this vision into reality. Our studio offers a dedicated space for music creation and enjoyment, freeing up your home’s living space while providing impeccable acoustic insulation that stops sound from seeping in or out. Whether you’re a music lover or a professional musician, our garden recording studio guarantees the finest soundproof performance that will meet all your music needs.

Broadcast Studio Design

We are experts in the design and installation of cabling, offering tailored solutions to the broadcast and post production industries. Our specialties include intricate audio-visual cable looms, shielded and unshielded structured cabling installations, custom-built broadcast communication racks and cabinets, and broadcast system integration. Our highly-skilled engineering design and project management departments are equipped to handle projects of any size, ranging from simple standalone editing rooms to comprehensive facility installations.

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commercial soundproofing

Commercial Soundproofing

We possess extensive expertise in undertaking commercial soundproofing projects, in addition to providing soundproofing services for recording studios. Our studio construction company offers our customers the opportunity to benefit from our vast experience in soundproofing, as we are not affiliated with any particular supplier. By choosing us, you can rest assured that your soundproofing project would receive our full backing and increase its chances of success.

While we receive numerous product samples from a variety of suppliers, only a select few have proven effective in real-life noise situations. The expertise of our soundproofing company is what ultimately determines the effectiveness of soundproofing solutions.

Our services have been utilized by various institutions such as universities, schools, councils, and housing associations, all of whom have experienced remarkable improvements in noise reduction.

Our success lies in providing cost-effective and proven solutions that cater to noise problems across all sectors. As a result, our client list features several prominent names and organizations.